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24 hours in bangkok

January 19, 2014


Exploring Bangkok thus far has been surreal. Having my Thai friend with us has been essential in our very authentic experience. I write this as we head to the beach town of Hua Hin in a van filled with Thai people and stuffing my face with fresh guava.

Today is my 23rd birthday and I wouldn’t want to be spending it any other way. In our first 24 hours in Thailand we have had two Thai massages (they’re $10, how could I not), learned to cook amazing Thai food, explored the local markets, had more Thai iced coffee than my stomach can take, and laughed more than I thought possible.

I’ve also had my fair share of cultural….surprises. Like accidentally running through a crowd of stopped people to head into a Starbucks, only to realize I was supposed to have stopped too for the nightly national anthem announcement and having several Thai girls snicker at me. Or realizing that breakfast in Thailand is noodles or rice of some sort… And that morning I happened to be eating chicken feet soup. Don’t rub your eyes after chopping hot chilies. If I want shoes in my size, I must go to the ‘lady-boy’ store. Thai people also don’t usually use toilet paper. There is also no need for helmets on motorcycles. Lannie is taller than half the population of Thailand. But my biggest realization is that Thai people are some of the most welcoming in the world. It’s only been one day; I can’t wait to see what else Thailand holds for us.




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