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why I am a crossfitter

December 11, 2013


After being told I have Achilles tendonitis last month, I decided to take this month off from crossfit and work on stretching in yoga. Although yoga has been relaxing, eleven days in I can say I have never craved something so much as I crave a good WOD. So, in my Namaste time, I decided to make a list of all the reasons I love crossfit.

Reasons I crossfit:

-the people: crossfit has a huge community feel and I have never felt so loved and motivated as I do by this group

-intensity: there is nothing that can be compared to a crossfit workout, leaving you drenched after every class

-diet: working out hard helps me continuously be motivated to eat healthy

-strength: I feel at my hottest when I am toned; who doesn’t want to feel hot?

-range of workouts: no two WODS are the same, every workout is different



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