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quirks + perks

October 8, 2013


As a play on my bestie Val’s blog post here, I decided to think about the little things people may not know about me or things I find that make me unique. It’s fun to reflect on yourself because it reminds you just how special you are.

-I make my bed every morning.

-I have a ring from my dad that I’ve worn everyday since I was nine.

-Seriously, I don’t like Disneyland.

-If I were to go in debt one day, it would have all been because of plane tickets.

-I am terrified of the sound of popping balloons.

-Sushi is the way to my heart.

-So are high heels.

-My mom calls me ‘Peach’ like the princess from Mario.

-I have another nickname that is rather embarrassing from my basketball days.

-I love Reggaton music…

What are some of your quirks?


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