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travel:: decision making

August 8, 2013


Decision making has never come naturally for me. I’m great at goal setting, list making and event planning but when it comes to making everyday decisions, I find it to be my Everest. This can range from what I want for dinner to the best way to organize my closet. I love getting advice and opinions from others which is quite contradictory to my independent ways.

However, while abroad in most cases I didn’t have someone to convince me which museums to see or if I should indulge in shopping a little. I got to and had to make all my choices. One day I spent getting completely lost in Venice. The streets are confusing and I was on the verge of tears because I couldn’t find the ONE museum I wanted to see while there. It’s cold, I had no map and I finally just decided you know Ali, this is the perfect place to be lost. Wander for the rest of the day and eventually you will end up back where you need to be. Not a decision my usual control-freak self would make. But I loved it and felt completely liberated from my own control and indecisions. I decided to be lost and embraced it.

Traveling gave me the chance to decide things for myself, and stick with them.







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  1. August 12, 2013 6:42 am

    Ali, I just read a Facebook post by Rick Steves (the guide book author) about Venice. He says the best way to see it is to wander around lost, away from the main tourist areas. You’d enjoy it.

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