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lovely ladies

April 10, 2013

I look to a lot of people in my life as role models, motivators, and inspirers. After featuring two of such people last week, my mother and grandma, I realized just how many other wonderful women I admire that I am close to. Below are just some of those woman that I had the chance to spend time with this past weekend.


My aunt Julie is my mother’s absolute best friend. These two are each other’s rocks and complement each other in a way that brings out the best in both of them. I also see Julie as one of my anchors. She is always there to talk out anything and gives some of the world’s best advice. She also can make just about anyone burst into tears laughing.


My cousin Kathy lives in Okinawa, Japan meaning I really don’t get to see her much. However, when I do nothing seems to have ever changed and we are instantly retelling old stories and laughing at jokes. Kathy is very relaxed and always seems to go with the flow, maybe from her island upbringing. This is something I admire, as I sometimes fall into the complete opposite stressing all details.


My cousin Jennifer is one of the hardest working ladies I know. She never expects anything to be handed to her and has a contagious love for people. The more she teases you, the more she loves you. Jennifer also exudes a confidence that shows she is happy with herself. She always seems to be the life of the party regardless of the crowd and like her mom, can make anyone smile. I love you Jen.

DSC_0056 2

Colette by families merging has become one of my favorite people. She is so lively and positive and someone I try to model in my day to day. Colette also has a great sense of fashion and I can’t wait for more concerts and shopping trips to come!


Of course the famed bestie, Val. Val is my right hand lady, a true member of my family. In fact, at my grandma’s party someone asked if she was related, confused by her ability to merge her way into a room full of strangers and learn more about them than I know myself. I’ve always admired Val for her calm, level-headedness and yet her balance of that with fun.

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