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ten things i would tell myself

March 7, 2013

ten things to tell the younger me

Although I am still very young, there are valuable lessons in life that I’ve already learned. I have always been told I am mature for my age, and I think that comes with my innate ability to read people and assess situations. If I were to tell my teenage self things I now know, these would be the first she’d hear:

-put family above all. They may annoy you right now but they always have your back and will endlessly love you.
-remember that your hard work will pay off, nothing worth having comes easy.
-before giving others your heart, make sure to love and respect yourself.
-perform every task to the best of your ability, regardless if anyone will notice.
-be able to see the bigger picture but work towards it with small steps.
-sometimes being selfish is acceptable because you are the only person who has to fully live with your choices.
-know how to assess a situation and if it is toxic or you feel uneasy about it, be able to walk away.
-learning to communicate to others is vital in all situations. Be nice to everyone you meet.
-do not follow the crowd, if anything have the crowd follow you.
-laugh as much as possible.

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