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thoughts on london

February 8, 2013


London at first reminded me a lot of initial reactions to Seattle: dreary, grey, wet. Hence instantly I was missing home and didn’t want to see the shining light in London. However after wandering round the city, I began to notice details that led to my conclusion of loving London. The people in London are extremely friendly. For example, one time I cut into the other lane of people walking to get around a lady walking slower than me. Unfortunately I had stepped in front of a man who had a bit more momentum than I did, and after stepping on the back of my heels, he began apologizing profusely even though the incident had been my own fault. Situations of politeness like this continued to happen throughout my stay. Also, London is a diverse city. I was excited to have the option of Thai food for lunch and Mexican food for dinner, or to even just see the vast plethora of cultures London hosts. London had a lot of uniqueness to it, but in some ways reminded me of home. This to me was somewhere I could see myself living and enjoying life across the water.









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