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roma: the city of passion

January 11, 2013

Rome was a whirlwind of action. For four days my roommate, an Australian, and I would wake up early and spend the day seeing every site we could possibly squeeze in. We would start at danesi cafe for cappuccinos and croissants and then catch the metro for site seeing. Obviously everything we saw and did was beautiful, historic and breathtaking but there were those few places I found extra special. Some of the highlights for me were the chiesa immacolata concezione and cappuccini crypt, wandering around campo di fiori finding the best pizza as recommended by Val, and seeing the Sistine chapel.

The crypt was unlike anything I’d ever seen. The museum explained the role of cappuccins, or friars in the church. At the end of the tour you enter into a crypt, where the bones of friars are used to make art. There are rooms upon rooms of this, skulls and body parts even used as the lamp. Obviously I was not allowed to take photos of this, but I enjoyed it so much because in some odd way it was a combination of peaceful and terrifying. I have seen few dead bodies ever, and in the crypt you are surrounded by thousands of people who dedicated their life to the church and gave their bodies to an art form in the afterlife.

My next favorite was a bit more lighthearted. My best friend Val had studied abroad in Rome last winter, and very kindly made sure I was prepared for Rome in the best way. Utilizing her map and directions like a treasure hunt, I found her favorite pizza spot. It warmed me inside and brought home a little closer to know that just a year ago Val had been in the same place I now was. Of course the pizza was amazing, but the way I came about it made it that much better.

In Rome, there are thousands of churches and museums to be seen. By the time on Wednesday that I finally had made it to the Sistine chapel after hours and hours of site seeing, I was historied out and ready for some champagne and a bubble bath. But as soon as I stepped foot in the chapel I was suddenly alive inside and lost in all it’s wonderment. The precise detail and extreme talent of Michelangelo’s work is clear. The room is filled both ceilings and walls with paintings explaining the story of the bible and when you are looking up at everything, the people seem to come to life and grab you by your heart. It was absolutely one of the most beautiful things I have yet to see.

Rome was for me the city of passion. Passion in the art, passion in all the historical pride, and of course passion in the food and wine.











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  1. January 12, 2013 7:59 am

    Your photos describe Rome perfectly!

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