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Ephesus + Şirince

December 30, 2012


We took a long day trip to see Ephesus and the town of Şirince. Ephesus had amazing history and walking around, you could see in the ruins the greatness that once was. We then headed to the sight of the Seven Sleepers, and found a small gozleme restaurant to have lunch at. Gozleme is like a Turkish quesadilla, filed with a mixture of cheeses, spinach, onions, Turkish spices and potatoes. Usually served like a traditional restaurant, we had the honor of being offered to help make ours. Sitting down with a very friendly older Turkish woman, she utilized gestures to show me how to roll the dough out. Through her patience and my uncontainable excitement, we finally created a delicious gozleme. The chance to interact with a local participating in one of my favorite things cooking, made this one of my favorite experiences of my life. I aim to find these sincere raw interactions which I find more valuable than any tourist stop.

After lunch, we headed to the House of Mary. Located on a very tall hill, you arrive to a long drive lined with white bottomed trees signaling purity. Stepping into Mary’s house, I was quickly overwhelmed by emotions and the feeling of holiness that this place held. There is a wall of prayers that really put into perspective the importance that the house holds.

Then we headed to the small hilltop town of Şirince. We walked around and looked at all the small shops filled with wines, wool blankets, and different soaps. After exploring this charming town, we popped into a cafe and warmed up with some Turkish coffee before making our way back to Izmir.













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