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meeting locals

December 27, 2012

On my connecting flight from Frankfurt to Munich, I met a very friendly man Daniel who shared several of his moms homemade cookies with the flight. Although I knew my mom might be shaking her head at me for taking food from a stranger, I found this a great opportunity to say ‘yes’ to something new. Sitting next to him, I learned Daniel had grown up in Frankfurt and although he studied psychology in school, he now is a flight attendant with Lufthansa air, a decision he knows is fulfilling his passion. Upon landing in Munich Daniel and I grabbed official german beer, “the best in the world” he proudly stated. We also indulged in Bavarian pretzels, traditional German mustard and weisswurst (white sausage). Daniel taught me some common german words and traditions and without ever leaving the airport, I feel I’ve now have a great beginners insight into Germany. Over great conversation about my upcoming trip to Izmir and his to Madrid, I realize that I am going to be just fine making friends here on my own.

As I scurry off to catch my flight to Izmir, looking at the boarding crowd and the sudden stares at me as the outsider, I realize I am about to enter into a different world…


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  1. Vivian K permalink
    December 27, 2012 11:28 pm

    I’m happy you made it to the continent in one piece, and happy at that! Your blog posts are great, I look forward to reading your next update 🙂

  2. jonathanochart permalink
    December 28, 2012 12:54 am

    Looks like you had no trouble at all meeting someone new while traveling, which led to eating amazing food! I live right by the Frankfurt airport and go there often, so I’ll have to try some of that food soon. Thanks for sharing!

    – Jonathan I

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