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christmas eve traditions

December 24, 2012


{stockings in half moon bay last christmas}

There are few holidays I love as much as christmas. Until last year when I went to San Francisco with a friends family and continued to meet my family in Disneyland, I had never spent christmas away from home. Although I loved spending time with someone else’s family and seeing what their traditions were, I find nothing as satisfying as waking up in the same room I grew up in and experiencing the excitement of christmas morning. Being able to relive christmas with my little brother has been a blessing as we still continue many of our christmas traditions. We usually spend christmas eve with just family, curled up watching movies or playing board games. My mom always makes a big christmas eve dinner and after good conversation and great food we finally get to open one present. After this we all spend a bit more time talking, but then it’s off to bed early so as to make sure we are asleep before santa gets into town!

Christmas morning involves a bit more of a process. Once everyone wakes up (no earlier than 7am is the rule) we get to open up our stockings. After this it’s time for a break, always involving cinnamon rolls and coffee. Post coffee, we all sit in the living room and slowly begin the present process. Mom likes to snap photos of every moment, so we all try to calmly pause. After all the excitement there usually is a movie of some sort or just general relaxing. We then proceed to another big christmas dinner, as eating seems to be the theme here. I can’t imagine a better way to spend the day than with my family and the excitement that engulfs this time of year. Wishing you and your family all the best 🙂

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