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why packing light is better

December 21, 2012

traveling tips

As I began prepping for my trip to Europe, I thought back on my last trip to Greece. I was so excited to be going to a new country and as I started packing I made several mistakes that led to a bit more difficult travel than if I had packed lighter. Packing lighter allows you the freedom to move around quicker, organize faster and overall have fewer things to worry about. Here are some of the lessons I took away from my travels overseas:

• Start with a good base: Your pack should be meant for travel and suitable to the type of travel you will be doing. With my last trip, I had a hockey sized duffle bag. Obviously I couldn’t fill the whole thing if I’d wanted to, but because it was so big, I did pack more. Having a more compact bag forces you to pack more strategically and therefore bring less. I suggest either an easy to carry backpack or a lightweight carry-on suitcase.

• Pack much less than you want to: No, you do not need five pairs of heels for a trip, be it a weekend trip or a month. When I was in Greece, I had at least seven dresses and enough clothes to not do laundry for a month. It got annoying having to haul around all these clothes, a lot of which I didn’t wear. Simplify by only packing things you will wear multiple times and that travel well.

• Organize what you are bringing: rather than just throwing everything in a bag to go, be sure you have laid out and made sure you have anything you need, and have gotten rid of the things you don’t. I like referring to Rick Steve’s travel list.

• Leave room for things you buy: Let’s say you find a great shirt in Milan you want, or a set of custom made sandals in Athens. You want to have room for these things so try and leave your pack loose and with a bit of room for new things.

• Remember things can be washed: Whether staying at a hostel or a hotel, most places in Europe will have somewhere for you to wash your clothes. If you pack lighter fabrics, they will dry faster as well.

What are your travel tips?

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  1. December 21, 2012 1:40 am

    Good tips – it’s great that you learned from your experience too. I limit myself to one carry on bag and find I have plenty of room for everything I need. The shoes are key – one pair on and one in my bag is the limit (if its a resort trip I would take flip flops as well) otherwise you take too much space. My other key space saver tip is to leave the fancy sponge bag at home and take a no frills one from a camping shop – packs more, takes up far less space and will squash down better.

    Rick’s list is a good place to start for newbies trying to learn to pack light. Otherwise there are plenty of packing lists and tips for packing light on WordPress (including my own blog)

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