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wexley school for girls

December 7, 2012


No, I did not work at an academic institution for women this quarter. Nor do I want to be a teacher of any sort. The many questions I had to answer these past few months about my current internship and what exactly I did segues straight into why I am obsessed with Wexley. The advertising agency that I interned at this fall and finished with yesterday, Wexley School for Girls, creates an environment where you have to always be open to the unexpected, everything is not always as it seems. Not only is the office itself full of surprises (a trailer? wizards? a sweat shop?)  but the people you find at Wexley are truly makes it unique. Wexley’s office is filled with extremely talented and fun people  at every corner, be it Ian (one of the founders) busting out a beat on the drum set at lunch time, a quick game of Cards Against Humanity, or the random office visit from a Katy Perry impersonator.

Yes yes, there is actual work done at Wexley; these people work their asses off to ensure every client is satisfied and always go the extra mile. They do great work for amazing clients, but know that to stay creative and true to yourself you have to let loose every once in awhile and have fun. Not only did I learn an immense amount of skills in advertising this quarter, but Wexley has truly taught me how to be true to myself, no matter how kooky that may be.


{desks on the putt-putt course}

Screen shot 2012-12-07 at 9.32.00 AM

{wexley’s story}


{lucky kitties and awards wexley has won}


{my desk in the fake chinese restaurant}


{all white everything meeting room}


{wizard at the entrance}

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