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Ad of the Week: W+K

August 1, 2012

Wieden + Kennedy has done it again with this Old Spice campaign. From what I’ve learned, one of the goals of an advertising agency is to think outside the cliches of what a product is usually associated with. Although the battle of men’s deodorant has turned into somewhat of a “mine’s bigger than yours” contest as the way to target clientele, W+K looks to focus on the irony. What is an average joe like? What does he feel like on the inside compared to what may be going on on the outside? Yes, this guy may be bundled up on the way to eat more of grandma’s cookies at a family dinner, but somewhere, even if it’s really deep down, there is a fierce man in there and gosh darn it, he wants to smell like it.

Advertising Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, Portland, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Dan Wieden
Executive Creative Directors: Mark FitzloffSusan Hoffman
Creative Directors: Jason BagleyCraig Allen
Copywriter: Andy Laugenour
Art Director: Max Stinson
Photographer: Jean Yves Lemoigne
Illustrator: Paul Levy
Typographer: Sou
Art Buyer: Kimberly Wilder
Account Supervisors: Jessica Monsey, Michael Dalton
Account Manager: Jordan Muse
Planner: Britton Taylor
Retoucher: Kyle Pero

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