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Ad of the Week: TBWA/Chiat/Day

July 25, 2012

In honor of the Olympic commencement this week, I found this ad very fitting. It starts with an enigmatic figure walking through dark, empty streets at an ever confident pace. When he approaches the track, sprinter Usain Bolt removes his hood. Taking a bite of a Gatorade prime chew, he explains he will not stop until there is no competition left. With a voice as sure as his walk, Bolt sends chills through the viewer.

Like most Gatorade ads, there is a famous athlete. However, I find this particular video created by TWBA especially engaging because of the suspenseful buildup as he walks to the track. Rather than showing his great running clips, TWBA realized this wasn’t needed, playing off the fact that he is a recognizable face. He is so confident, he doesn’t need his abilities shown in a commercial. This ad fits right in with my admiration for the most simplistic but effective messages. All Bolt has does is tell you what he has inside makes him who he is. By chewing the Gatorade, he is showing that is what he has inside. The last frame of Bolt at the start line leaves the viewer with suspense as to not only what will happen next in the ad, but with Bolt in the Olympics. Well done TWBA.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day, USA
Executive Creative Directors: Patrick O’Neill
Group Creative Director: Brent Anderson
Group Creative Director: Steve Howard
Creative Director: Jayanta Jenkins
Creative Director / Copywriter: Linda Knight
Executive Producer: Sarah Patterson
Producer: Molly Tait
Producer: Michael Gross
Assistant Producer: Matthew Magsaysay
Executive Business Affairs Manager: Lisa Lipman
Group Planning Director: Scott MacMaster
Sr. Planner: Marisa Robertson
Planner: Rebecca Harris
Worldwide Managing Director: Nick Drake
Group Account Director: Blake Crosbie
Management Supervisor: Magdalena Huber
Account Executive: Brad Nolde
Sports Marketing Account Executive: Lexi Vonderlieth
Music Supervisor: Michael Gross
Aired: May 2012

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