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Ad of the Week-GSD&M

July 18, 2012

If you aren’t convinced these tires are reliable after this commercial, there is no way you ever well be. Goodyear and GSD&M have created a video in which the viewer is drawn in by the real life improvisation and reactions, followed by the tried and true testing of the tire. Not just creative but also humorous, this ad uses candid humor and is alluring to a number of different audiences. A safe tire and the message ‘control freak’ can be targeted at a mom who wants the best tires for her teenage son on the road for the first time. The tires could be targeted at the outdoor enthusiast who needs the best tires to tackle the snow and rain or the adventurous man having a mid-life crisis who dreams of being a race car driver. With such a diverse crowd, this simple yet creative ad draws in and excites a plethora of viewers…about tires.

Advertising Agency: GSD&M, USA
Executive Creative Director: Jay Russell
Creative Directors: Tim EgerWill ChauLaura Bridger
Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Nik Bristow
Executive Producers: Laura BusinoMatthew Marquis
Line Producer: Michael Angelos
Prod Company: Logan
Director: Ben Conrad
Editor: Volkert Besseling
Photographer: Caleb Coppola
Art Buyer: Kelly Hopkins
Account Services: Soni Laing, Ashley Silversmith
Head of Production: Lindsey Bodanza
Photographer: Caleb Coppola
Director of Photography: Matthew Baker
Experience & Insights: Ellen Kolstö

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