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June 26, 2012

I have always been a big foodie. I get a thrill out of visiting a new restaurant and trying new food. I think you can get a cultural feel for a city by it’s food. From what I’ve seen, Portland is a food city. After I picked up this book last week, my beliefs were confirmed. I have already gone through and marked up all the fun places we will be testing out this summer. Although I can’t share everywhere we will be just yet, below are few of my top picks:

Pok Pok. I have not stopped hearing about this place since I’ve been to Portland. It is a Thai restaurant and from what I’ve been advised, this is the top one in the city. Not only known for their famed fish sauce chicken wings, their drink menu is filled with interesting mixes like Apple Vinegar Gin Rickey and a Whiskey Soda Float.

DOC. An italian restaurant that changes it’s menu weekly? I can not think of a better date spot. I’ve heard they have wine pairings down to perfection, and dessert is not something to miss with options like buttermilk panna cotta topped with fresh raspberries. Yum!

Olympic Provisions. After trying these guys’ sausage at a local farmer’s market + then discovering they had a restaurant, I almost had a heart attack! Beginning my paleo lifestyle, I have found a new love for meats, and this place knows meats. Hidden in the industrial wilds of Northwest Portland, Olympic Provisions seems a well-kept secret. Wine + Cheese + Meat + Cocktails. The perfect Friday night.

Por Que No. Why not? Even just looking at the website you can get the relaxed vibe this place oozes. When I hear guacamole and chips and see mouth watering plates like beef brisket, braised inside banana leaves in aYucatan Style three chile barbacoa salsa, how could I not visit? Top that with a margarita and I couldn’t want to be anywhere more.


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