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a guide to pinterest

May 30, 2012

Many of you most likely find yourself aimlessly gazing over photos on pinterest constantly, at least I know I do. The site is full of beautiful photos and creative ideas that fill the soul with happiness and motivation. But, when I first began my boards, I found myself seeing the same photos over and over by following only people I knew and people I thought pinned a decent amount. For awhile this was entertaining enough but soon, I realized there were better ways to find the plethora of creative images I wanted to see and tailor to my liking.

1) Follow Pinners who pin consistently.

It is much easier to get your creative fill if the people you follow are pinning more.

2) Look for people’s descriptions and see if they are in an industry you connect with.

You don’t want to follow a fashion blogger’s pins if all you want to see is home decor.

3) If you ever see something pinned that you like, follow the original pinner.

These are the pinner ‘pioneers’ who are out on the web finding the best pins, they usually have the most original boards.

4) Follow individual boards.

If you do come across a pinner you enjoy, but only like their ‘food’ board, you have the option to only like that board. Utilize it.

If you need more of a model, be sure to follow my pinterest board at:

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